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Marine Posts

Monday, 1 October 2018  |  Tom
Yacht Devices Marine Electronics In Stock

In the light of recent changes in the law regarding the shipping of acid (Explosives, Precursors and Poisons Regulations), MDS Battery are now offering a battery filling service for "dry charged" motorcycle batteries from our North London warehouse.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018
Sterling ProCharge Ultra PCU1230 Review

The following review was originally posted on The Sealine Forum by StormingNorman; this is his account of fitting the Sterling Power ProCharge Ultra PCU1230 to his Sealine S37.

Friday, 16 February 2018  |  Mike
Sterling Power ProCharge Ultra Marine

Sterling Power are a leading manufacturer of innovative marine power solutions and the ProCharge Ultra battery charger is a firm favourite of ours here at MDS - read our full review and installation guide to find out why.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017  |  Mike
Sterling Power Inverter Review

Sterling Power are a leading British manufacturer of advanced mobile power solutions; we've been impressed with their marine battery chargers and they have proved very popular. Here we taken a look at their pure sine wave mains inverter range.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017  |  Tom
Pure Sine Wave And Quasi Sine Wave Inverters

There are two different types of mains power inverter available - a pure sine wave inverter and a quasi or modified sine wave inverter - read on to find out what is the difference and which type you will need.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017  |  Mike
Sterling Power Galvanic Isolator/Zinc Saver

Sterling Power are leaders in marine power solutions; here we take a look at what their ProSave galvanic isolator does, why you need one fitted to your boat and which model you'll need.