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IMPORTANT, New EPP Regulations

12 June 2018  |  Tom


There are significant changes to the EPP (Explosives, Precursors and Poisons) Regulations that became law on July 1st 2018 and these will have a major impact on the sale and supply of motorcycle batteries.

Since 1st July 2018 it has been illegal to sell or supply sulphuric acid to any member of the public who does not hold a valid EPP Licence. This means that all "dry charged" motorcycle batteries can only be shipped dry without the acid pack and customers will have to have the battery filled locally.

Yuasa YTX/YTZ Series batteries are not affected by these regulations as they will be pre-filled and sealed prior to shipping.

Under the changes sulphuric acid has been reclassified as a controlled substance so it will now be an offence to sell or supply motorcycle battery electrolyte to any member of the public who does not hold a valid EPP Licence.

Furthermore it will also be illegal to own sulphuric acid without an EPP Licence.

The regulations do specifically allow members of the public to have a dry battery filled by a dealer, so if you buy a dry battery from us you can get it filled locally within the scope of the new regulations.

We offer a free battery filling service for any battery we supply at our premises in Enfield.

You can read the full details on the government website

If you are motorcycle dealer or hold hold an EPP Licence then please contact us for further details.