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New Regulations - Sale & Supply Of Battery Acid

10 April 2024  |  Tom

Updated regulations regarding the sale and supply of battery acid

There have recently been changes to the EPP (Explosives, Precursors and Poisons) regulations which impact the sale and supply of battery acid to our business customers.

We are now obliged to take additional steps to verify the legitimacy of business and professional users who purchase battery acid.

We will collect the following information from you prior to purchase:

  • Business Name & Address
  • Nature of Business
  • Name of Authorised Individual
  • Photographic ID for Authorised Individual
  • VAT Registration Number

This information does not need to be physically presented in person - for example it can be sent by email.

The information will be recorded and retained for a period of 18 months and made available for inspection as required.


Please note these rules do not apply to pre-filled batteries with the acid already inside - these are exempt from the regulations.