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Motorcycle Battery Posts

8 April 2024  |  Tom
EPP Regulation Update - Sale Of Battery Acid

There have been recent changes to the EPP regulations regarding the sale and supply of battery acid to businesses and and professional users - find out about the new rules

13 April 2023  |  Tom
Yuasa Launch New YCX Battery Charger Range

Yuasa have just launched a new range of motorcycle and car battery chargers - the YCX smart charger and maintainer range - designed to extend battery life, increase performance and minimise failure. Special offer Save £10 off any charger when bought with a Yuasa battery.

28 September 2021  |  Tom
PayPal Pay in 3 - Now Available at MDS

PayPal Pay in 3 is now available at MDS - easily split your purchase in to 3 payments with no interest or additional charges - use the PayPal Checkout and then select the Pay in 3 option within your PayPal account (subject to status and minimum purchase of £30).

1 Comment25 March 2021  |  Tom
Returning a Faulty Yuasa Battery Under Warranty

Over half the batteries returned to us as faulty prove to be flat and simply need charging - read our advice on what could be causing the problems and how to save the expense and delay of returning a battery unnecessarily 

8 July 2020  |  Tom
Using The Shorai BMS01 Battery Charger

Details of how to use the Shorai BMS01 - their dedicated charge and store battery maintenance system designed specially for Shorai LFX Series Lithium-Iron (LiFePO4) motorcycle batteries.

23 June 2020  |  Tom
Selecting The Correct Shorai Battery

Shorai LFX Lithium batteries come in 6 different case sizes with a range of capacities and terminal options - here's how to be sure you have chosen the right model for your motorbike.

31 March 2020  |  Tom
MDS Now UK Shorai Distributors

MDS Battery are pleased to announce that we are now the official UK distributors for Shorai LFX Lithium motorcycle batteries - the leading brand of ultra lightweight high power LiFePO4 Lithium batteries

8 July 2019  |  Tom
Shorai Lithium Motorcycle Battery FAQs

Lithium motorcycle batteries are becoming increasingly popular - but they are not necessarily the answer to all your prayers - here are a few common queries that come up to help you decide if a Shorai Lithium motorcycle battery is right for you.

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