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What Do The Certifications On My CSB Battery Mean?

19 June 2024  |  Anya

Confused by all the symbols and logos on a CSB battery? Find out what they all mean.

When researching or purchasing a battery you will notice many safety, recycling and manufacturing logos, generally printed somewhere on the battery itself.

As components can be toxic and/or corrosive these certifications are very important, so you can be assured of excellence in manufacturing processes and conformance of the battery to safety and environmental standards.  However, it can be difficult to establish what all the different certifications mean and who they have been issued by.

If you would like to know the meaning of any of these, or view the relevant certificates, please see below for details.

Regulatory Certifications

CE Mark – Mark of European Conformity





The CE mark certifies the battery as compliant with EU legislation and confirms permission to trade within the EU.

Requirements for CE endorsements are:

  • The battery has been assessed prior to entering the marketplace
  • The battery satisfies legislative requirement for trade
  • The battery complies with environmental, health, safety, and all stated directives
  • The manufacturer has had the battery assessed by an independent verification body.

UL Recognised mark

Issued by Underwriters Laboratories, a safety assessment organisation.

This certifies the battery as safe to use as a component within a larger mechanism or system and ensures proper housing and safe and efficient use when used as a component part.

The certification is mainly intended for industrial and workplace use and environments to ensure the safety of processes, workers and installers. It may require extra testing to ensure the housing or casing is robust to the required standard.

CSB UL certificate No: MH14533 – Click Here


This is a German safety testing verification provided by VdS, an independent safety assessor. It certifies the product for use in fire alarms and fire protection or safety systems.

CSB certificate No: G120030 - Click Here

RoHS Compliance Label

This is a Chinese pollution control certification.

It certifies that the battery’s “Environmental Friendly Use Period” (EFTA rating) is 5 years. This is due to Chinese environmental restrictions on the use of lead.


Recycling And Waste Disposal Logos

Mobius Loop

This indicates that the product can be recycled, but is not necessarily made of recycled materials. Pb is added on the CSB batteries to indicate lead.

Do Not Dispose

Do not dispose of in household waste, must be recycled separately. Pb is added to indicate lead.


General Certificates


Most people in the business community will be aware of ISOs.

These international standards are used by companies to confirm their compliance with various fair business practices. ISOs held by CSB are:


ISO 9001 – Certifies that the manufacturing company (CSB) complies with the ISO regarding Good Business Practices.

ISO 14001 – Certifies that the manufacturing company (CSB) complies with the ISO regarding Environmental Management.

ISO 45001 – Certifies that the manufacturing company (CSB) complies with the ISO regarding Health and Safety standards.

ISO 50001 – Certifies that the manufacturing company (CSB) complies with the ISO regarding  Energy management and efficiency during manufacture.