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Sterling Power Inverter Review

22 August 2017  |  Mike


Sterling Power are a leading British manufacturer of advanced mobile power solutions; we've been impressed with their marine battery chargers and they have proved very popular. Here we taken a look at their pure sine wave mains inverter range.

Features of the Pro Power SB pure sine wave inverter we like include:

  • LED voltage and power displays
  • Clear and easy to understand manual
  • Automatic variable speed fan keeps noise to a minimum
  • Capable of much more than rated performance
  • Remote control panel option

The first thing you notice is how solid the unit feels, the central metal casing and the moulded plastic ends do make it feel far superior to any of the cheaper units on the market.

Output is via a single UK mains socket and there is a euro socket as well. Pre-wired RCD versions and 110V/50Hz yellow socket versions are also available.

The LED display on the front shows you how much power the unit is delivering and in tests we were able to run it at over 150% of rated output power for half an hour without any problems.

On the rear are the outlets for the fans (make sure these are clear) keeping the unit cool.

There is also something that looks like a fuse holder. This is in fact a link to select whether you want centre tapped or neutral earth bonding. If in doubt please consult with a qualified electrician for advice on this.

All the chargers have 1 metre of cable to connect to your 12V battery source except the 1600W unit which has two M8 Bolt mounts for your own cables.

A remote on/off switch panel is also available so you can mount the unit away out of sight.

Additional Notes:

  • Meets CE RoHS compliance
  • USB charging port
  • Remote on/off switch option

For any advice or to purchase a Sterling Power mains inverter, please contact our expert sales team on 0800 310 2100