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Yuasa Car Battery Ranges Explained

18 August 2017  |  Tom


Yuasa manufacture various different ranges of car battery, each one designed for different types of vehicle. Find out which Yuasa automotive battery is the right replacement for your car.

  • YBX3000 Series - Standard Battery Range
  • YBX5000 Series - High Performance Battery Range
  • YBX7000 Series - Stop/Start Battery Range
  • YBX9000 Series - Premium Stop/Start Battery
  • Range JIS Series - Japanese OEM Batteries For Import Vehicles

To see the full range of Yuasa car batteries or use our new number plate look up tool to find the right battery click here

Yuasa YBX3000 Car Batteries

The Yuasa YBX3000 Range are sealed maintenance free models suitable for fitting in most vehicles. These are supplied charged and ready to fit and are rated for around 30,000 starts.

Yuasa YBX5000 Silver Car Batteries

Yuasa YBX5096 Car Battery The Yuasa YBX5000 Range are also sealed maintenance free design, offer improved starting performance, higher capacity and are suitable for in cabin fitting. Shipped pre-charged and ready to install and rated for 50,000 starts.

Yuasa YBX7000 EFB Car Batteries

The Yuasa YBX7000 Range EFB sealed maintenance free design for vehicles fitted with stop/start ignition systems. These high performance batteries rated for up to 270,000 starts come charged and ready to fit.

Yuasa YBX9000 AGM Car Batteries

The Yuasa YBX9000 Range are the premium range for larger stop/start vehicles rated for up to 360,000 starts. Latest AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) maintenance free construction and fully charged.

Yuasa JIS Import Car Batteries

The Yuasa JIS Import Range are designed for Japanese import vehicles. Yuasa are the original OEM supplier to many top Japanese car manufacturers and this range includes batteries to fit most JIS standard sizes.