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The Shorai Battery Management System Explained

5 July 2024  |  Anya

All Shorai Lithium Motorcycle Batteries Now Have an Internal Battery Management System

Shorai Sentry Battery Management System

One of the key functions of the BMS is protection from over discharge. If your vehicle is unused for an extended period and the battery voltage drops too low, the LFX battery will disconnect the main terminals to prevent further discharge and the risk of any long term damage to the battery.

In this situation, a charger that connects to the Shorai charging port will reset the BMS and allow normal battery charging to start again. Some “smart chargers” will not reset the BMS, in these circumstances please contact us for further advice.

Using The Shorai BMS01 With New Shorai LFX Batteries

The Shorai BMS01 charger in Charge Mode has an effective cell balancing system which is ideal for occasional maintenance and top up charge for the new LFX batteries with BMS.

Do not use the Shorai BMS01 in Store Mode with these new BMS equipped batteries as it will interfere with the operation of the integral BMS.

Shorai LFX Battery Maintenance

If you are not using your bike regularly then a maintenance charge every month is recommended rather than leaving the battery on a maintainer constantly. Lithium batteries prefer to be stored in a slightly discharged state.

If you ride your bike at least once a month then you should not need to maintain your battery at all.

Does My Shorai Battery Have The Internal BMS?

If your battery has the internal BMS, there will be a red dot on the battery label to identify it.



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