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Choosing The Right Yuasa Car Battery

6 October 2017  |  Mike


We want to be sure you order the right Yuasa car battery for your car; this can be bewildering as there are so many different brands and models out there and everone uses different part numbers or quotes conflicting reference numbers.

So we have two ways of identifying the battery you need - a simple search by numberplate to select your vehicle and hence the right replacement battery or alternatively a make/model lookup.

To see the full range of Yuasa car batteries or use our new number plate look up tool to find the right battery click here

At MDS we stock all the most popular Yuasa car batteries (currently around 50 different models) and others can generally be supplied within a couple of days.

The Yuasa YBX3000 Range are the standard range of sealed maintenance free car batteries, supplied ready to fit and fully charged. Popular models in this range include the YBX3053, YBX3063 and YBX3068.

The Yuasa YBX5000 Range offer higher capacity and improved starting performance and are suitable for in-cabin fitment. Again pre-charged and ready to install, these are rated for 50,000 starts. Best selling models are the YBX5096, YBX5057 and YBX5019.

The Yuasa YBX7000 Range are sealed maintenance free EFB batteries suitable for vehicles fitted with a stop/start ignition systems as they are rated for up to 270,000 starts. The YBX7027 and YBX7096 are our best sellers in this range.

The Yuasa YBX9000 Range are the flagship range of AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries suitable for larger stop/start vehicles and rated for up to 360,000 starts. Best sellers are the YBX9019 and YBX9096.

The Yuasa JIS Import Range are a specialist range of car batteries designed specially for Japanese import vehicles. Yuasa supply many of the major Japanese car manufacturers with original fit batteries so you can be sure of a direct replacement.

If you have any further queries or need help choosing the right car battery, please contact our expert sales team on 0800 310 2100