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Yuasa Motorcycle Battery Ranges Explained

3 January 2018  |  Tom


Yuasa manufacture five different ranges of motorcycle batteries, each one designed for different types of vehicle. With over 150 different types of Yuasa motorcycle battery in stock you can be sure of finding the right replacement for your motorbike.

  • Conventional 6V - for older 6V bikes, mopeds and scooters
  • Conventional 12V - traditional 12V wet motorcycle batteries
  • Yumicron 12V - high power 12V wet motorcycle batteries
  • Maintenance Free - YT/YTX - modern sealed for life batteries
  • High Performance MF - YTZ - high performance sealed for life

We stock the entire range of Yuasa motorcycle batteries, around 150 different models; you can see our whole range to select the right battery or use our simple number plate look up tool to select the correct battery for your motorbike click here

The Yuasa Conventional 6V Range are traditional 6V wet batteries designed for older motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. These are supplied dry and you need to buy a separate electrolyte acid pack.

The Yuasa Conventional 12V Range are traditional 12V wet batteries. These also require filling with electrolyte fluid; please be sure to check the listing as some include the acid pack and some do not and it needs to be bought separately.

The Yuasa Yumicron Range are their high power range of 12V wet motorcycle batteries suitable for many large touring bikes and modified vehicles. Again please check as some include electrolyte and some do not.

The Yuasa Maintenance Free Range are modern VRLA sealed for life maintenance free batteries. These never require refilling but may require periodic charging depending how much you use your bike. All YT or YTX Range MF batteries include the necessary kit for first time filling; once filled the battery is maintenance free for its entire life.

The Yuasa High Performance MF Range YTZ/YTX-H are Yuasa's premium high performance maintenance free batteries - all the features of the standard MF batteries but with up to 30% increased cranking power.

All Yuasa motorcycle batteries have a one year guarantee.