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Shorai Motorcycle Battery Maintenance

13 November 2017  |  Mike


The simple rule is that the battery should be kept at a minimum 13.1V. Modern motorbikes still draw a current even when not being used - using a Lithium compatible maintenance charger will ensure you get the most out of your battery.

How should I keep my Shorai battery in good condition?

The simple rule is that the battery should be kept at a minimum 13.1V. If the battery is disconnected from the bike it should stay above this voltage for a year!

Unfortunately, most modern bikes still draw a little current to keep things like the clock, computer and alarm running, even when they are turned off. This draw, however small, will eventually drain and damage the battery. If you don’t use your bike very often then you must charge the battery every few weeks.

We recommend either the Shorai BMS01 or the CTEK Lithium XS chargers as both will do the job.

What about using my lead acid charger?

‘Smart’ lead acid battery chargers with an automatic shut-off can be use for periodic charging but should be disconnected as soon as charging is finished – the maintenance function will not work with a Shorai battery.

What’s the best way to store my Shorai battery long term?

The best way to store your Shorai battery for long periods is to keep it in a cool, dry place – even in the fridge if "senior domestic management" will allow!!

The quoted temperature range is a minimum of -18C and a maximum of 32C so if you’re in the United Kingdom you won’t have a problem. If you need to charge your Shorai battery in storage make sure that the temperature is above zero degrees C, so take it into the house to warm up first if you're storing it in a shed or garage.

Don’t forget to check the voltage every couple of weeks and charge the battery if it drops close to a minimum of 13.1V.