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Selecting The Correct Shorai Battery

23 June 2020  |  Tom


Shorai's range of replacement Lithium motorcycle batteries come in 6 different case sizes with a range of capacities and left/right terminal positions - here's how to make sure you have chosen the right battery for your motorbike. 

All Shorai batteries are supplied with a set of high density self adhesive foams which can be cut to size to ensure a perfect fit and also provide additional vibration and thermal insulation.

The case sizes are as follows:

Case Size 1 - 148mm x 66mm 105mm
Replaces Yuasa YT9B-BS, Yuasa YT12B-BS, Yuasa YT14B-BS

Case Size 2 - 113mm x 58mm x 89mm
Replaces Yuasa YTX4L-BS, Yuasa YTX5L-BS, Yuasa YTX7L-BS, YTX7A-BS, Yuasa YTZ6S, Yuasa YTZ7S 

Case Size 3 - 166mm x 86mm x 155mm
Replaces Yuasa YTX20-BS, Yuasa YTX20H-BS, Yuasa YTX20L-BS, Yuasa YTX20HL-BS, Yuasa YTX24HL-BS, Yuasa YIX30L

Case Size 4 - 148mm x 86mm x 88mm
Replaces Yuasa YTX9-BS, Yuasa YTX12-BS, Yuiasa YTZ10S, Yuasa YTZ12S, Yuasa YTZ14S

Case Size 5 - 134mm x 80mm 160mm
Replaces Yuasa YB14-XX, Yuasa YB14A-XX, Yuasa YTX14AH-BS, YB14L-XX, Yuasa YTX14AHL-BS

Case Size 6 - 148mm x 82mm x 140mm
Replaces Yuasa YTX14-BS, Yuasa YTX14H-BS, Yuasa YTX14L-BS, Yuasa YTX14HL-BS, Yuasa YTX16-BS, Yuasa YTX20A-B

As sole UK distributors, MDS stock the whole Shorai Range.

For further advice on Shorai Lithium batteries please contact our expert sales team on 0800 310 2100.

Trade enquiries welcome from UK and Europe.


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