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Returning a Faulty Yuasa Battery Under Warranty

1 Comment25 March 2021  |  Tom

Over half the batteries returned to us as faulty prove to be flat and simply need charging - to save the expense and delay of returning a battery unnecessarily, please read our advice

Battery Warranty

All Yuasa automotive batteries are covered by a one year warranty.

The warranty covers faults caused by a manufacturing defect or material failure – it does not cover non manufacturing issues related to misuse, physical damage,wear & tear or severely discharged batteries.

Most batteries that stop working early in the life are not faulty but have become severely discharged. Over half the batteries returned to us under warranty prove to be flat and simply need charging.

To save the expense and delay of returning a battery unnecessarily, please read the following notes first. 


Discharged Battery

Your battery will discharge if your vehicle is left unused for any length of time. Modern vehicles, both cars and motorcycles, with alarms, immobilisers and other electric equipment can drain a battery surprisingly quickly and even with little or no load this can happen within a few weeks.

This state of deep discharge is characterised by a low battery voltage, typically below 10v. In many cases a battery can be fully recovered but the longer the battery has been in a discharged state and the lower the voltage, the more difficult this will become.

If you suspect your battery is flat we would recommend using a good quality maintenance charger which should be able to recover a discharged battery. A deeply discharged battery will charge slowly and depending on the capacity of your battery and workings of the charger, this could well take 2-3 days.

If your battery cannot be fully recharged this usually indicates that the battery has suffered long term damage and may no longer be usable. This is not a manufacturing defect and is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Sometimes a battery may be so severely discharged that the charger will not recognise that a battery is connected. In such circumstances, we may well be able to recover your battery despite its condition.


Charging Problems / Faulty Alternator

Another common cause of a flat battery is a problem with the charging on your vehicle – an incorrect output from the alternator.

The charging rate should be around 14.4v +/- 0.4v at all engine speeds, temperatures and with or without a load. If the battery is being overcharged you risk damaging the battery. If it is being undercharged, the battery will gradually go flat and eventually the engine will stop running and the car will not re-start.

In the latter case you should be able to recover the battery as described above.


Returns Procedure

If the above advice does not help resolve your problems and you are still having issues with your battery then it may be faulty. If it is within the one year warranty period please contact us to arrange a return.

Please obtain a returns number before sending anything back to us – it speeds up the whole process. Items sent back without a returns number may get delayed. Please be sure to mark the returns number clearly on your parcel so we can easily identify your return.

If your item develops a fault within the first 30 days, we will send you a pre-paid returns label so you can send it back at our expense.

Up to 3 months we ask you to return items to us by courier; if it proves to be faulty we will refund your reasonable carriage costs - up to £10. We suggest that you use an insured courier service with a signed proof of delivery.

If you prefer we can provide you with a pre-paid UPS returns service label for £10.00 - again this would be refundable if the item is faulty.

You must ensure that your battery is safely and securely packed for transit. We cannot accept liability for products that are damaged in transit due to inadequate or insufficient packaging. 

After 3 months you will be liable for the return carriage costs.

We aim to handle all warranty returns quickly and efficiently. Once received we will test your product and keep you informed of progress - most returns can be resolved within a couple of days and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

In the case of no fault found returns, we do not charge any testing fees and will fully charge the battery ready for use but you will be liable for any return carriage charges.

If you have any queries or need any further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.