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Using The Shorai BMS01 Battery Charger

8 July 2020  |  Tom

Details of how to use the Shorai BMS01 Battery Management System - their dedicated charge and store solution designed specially for the Shorai LFX Series Lithium-Iron (LiFePO4) motorcycle batteries.

Charger Setup

To set up your charger, connect the AC input to the mains (ignore the small 3 pin port - that's only for manufacturer diagnostics) and connect your battery using the 60cm charging cable supplied. The cable is clearly labelled "To Charger" and "To Battery"; connect the charger end to the port on the right hand side of the charger and the battery end to the charging port on your Shorai battery.

Once connected the charger will beep a couple of times and both the yellow store LED and the green charge LED will light solid indicating that the charger is ready to use. After selecting the mode required you will hear a triple beep which shows that the charger is active.

If you don't press a button the charger will power off after 30 seconds - push the charge button to power it on again.

Charge Mode (Green LED / Right Hand Side)

The charge mode should be used if the battery will not turn over you engine or if it has been seriously discharged and it will charge the battery back up to 100% - depending on the state of charge of your battery and it's capacity - typically this will take between 30 minutes and 4 hours.

While charging the green LED light will flash.

When the battery reaches 14.4V and is fully charged, the charger will beep several times and the green LED will light up solid for 30 seconds and then the charger will power down.  

NB - if your battery is below 50% capacity when you start charging, the yellow and green LEDs will flash alternately to indicate that you have let your battery voltage drop too low - this should not be confused with the yellow and green LEDs flashing together which indicates an error with the battery.

Store Mode (Yellow LED / Left Hand Side)

The store mode is effectively a maintenance mode and is designed to be used between rides to keep your battery in top condition and can also be used for any extended periods when you are not using the bike. It will maintain the battery within a 60%-80% charge band which is ideal for long term storage.

When the store mode is active (charging) the yellow LED will flash - in maintain mode the yellow LED will be solid.



If you have any queries about using your charger, please do not hesitate to contact us for help.


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