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Japanese JIS Car Battery Sizes & Codes Explained

12 October 2021  |  Tom

Many Japanese manufactured vehicles, particularly imports, are fitted with batteries that use unfamiliar looking part numbers - these are JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) part numbers - and relate to the performance, size and polarity of the battery 

So you need to replace the battery in your car and are expecting to find an 063 or 096 size battery (the standard European type part numbers) but many Japanese vehicles use a completely differnet range of part numbers known as JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) - a typical part number would be 46B24L.

Taking 46B24L as an example - this has 4 different pieces of information - 46 / B / 24 / L

46 - the first two digits are a performance rank based on capacity and CCA rating

B - this is the width and height of the battery (see table below)

24 - this is the length of the battery in CM (to the nearest centimeter)

L - this is an indication of terminal position; L has (-) on the left and (+) on the right, R has (-) on the right and (+) on the left

JIS width and height tables for reference

       Width       Height
A 127mm 162mm
B 129mm 203mm
D 173mm 204mm
E 176mm 213mm
F 182mm 213mm
G 222mm 213mm
H 278mm 220mm


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