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CE Marking For Batteries

5 July 2017  |  Tom


We are sometimes asked about the lack of CE marking on CSB's range of industrial batteries and whether this is actually required; we have clarified this with CSB and the answer is that CE testing is not relevant for their batteries.

The CE mark is a mark of European conformity which indicates that a product meets the essential requirements of EU directives and/or standards for the product; it applies to a large range of products including televisions, computer equipment, radio and telecommunications equipment, audio equipment and much more.

The CE mark is effectively self certified and many Asian manufacturers have simply CE marked their batteries so as to appear to conform - this is actually incorrect and has caused considerable confusion.

If a product does not fall within the scope of the directive it specifically should not be CE marked.

Batteries do not radiate electromagnetic radiation and as such do not require CE testing.

We have checked this with CSB and they have confirmed that their batteries are covered by a different directive (Battery Directive 2006/66/EC) and as such the CE mark is not required on any CSB sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries. Their batteries do conform with all the relevant EC directives and regulations and as such are marked with the appropriate symbols.

To download a PDF of CSB's declaration click here