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Brexit & EU Exports

Monday, 4 January 2021  |  Tom



We have temporarily suspended deliveries to Europe due to unacceptable delays with the United Parcel Service system; we will regularly review this and restart deliveries to Europe as soon as the courier systems and customs clearances are running smoothly again.

Deliveries to Ireland have now been re-instated.   

Britain officially left the European Union at the end of January 2020; the Brexit transition period has now ended with a trade deal finally concluded between Britain and the European Union

The deal means that trade can continue, as we have become accustomed, without any additional tariffs and duties - however there will be changes to the VAT situation.

All orders placed for shipping to the European Union will now be free of UK VAT (which is charged at 20%) - this will be applied automatically in the checkout process - you will then be liable for VAT in your country when you receive your order. 

We ship our orders via UPS and there will be additional freight/handling charges incurred to cover these changes; our standard rate for European shipping will increase to £25 (Ex VAT) with immediate effect.

There have been some well documented delays with courier deliveries to Europe post Brexit - we have been monitoring the situation and are now happy that deliveries should go smoothly albeit with slight delays.   

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.