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AGM Car Battery Technology

20 November 2017  |  Julius

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology is used in Yuasa's flagship YBX9000 battery range. These batteries are designed specifically for the needs of larger modern luxury cars with improved power/performance and are rated for up to 360,000 starts making them suitable for stop/start systems in even the most powerful vehicles.

The main advantages of these batteries are:

  • Improved efficiency through better absorption of the acid
  • Rated for up to 360,000 start with stop/start ignition systems
  • Improved cold start performance and increased lifespan
  • Totally maintenance free - zero water consumption
  • Sealed double lip design and integrated flame arrestor

Yuasa YBX9000 Series AGM car batteries use Absorbent Glass Mat technology which has been used in Yuasa motorcycle and industrial batteries for over 40 years. The Absorbent Glass Mat absorbs the battery's acid enabling a more efficient use of the cell's volume with the need for electrolyte reservoirs found in wet batteries. Other key benefits include no water loss, making the battery completely maintenance free, improved starting performance from the same sized battery, better resistance to vibration and longer lifecycle and durability.

Yuasa manufacture 6 different AGM batteries in the YBX9000 range, the most popular models being the YBX9019 and YBX9096.