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Yuasa YBX3054 054 Size 12V Sealed Car Battery

Yuasa YBX3054 054 Size 12V Sealed Car Battery
MDS Price:  £47.95(£39.96 Exc. VAT)


Currently out of stock,  

Currently out of stock,

Bar Code:  5050694029585
Part Number:  YBX3054
Capacity:  36Ah
CCA Rating (EN):  330A
Weight:  9Kg
Length:  187mm
Width:  127mm
Height:  223mm

Stock of this battery is not due until early July - the Yuasa YBX5054 is a highers powered alternative 

This battery is only available for shipping to UK addresses due to rules on shipping hazardous substances

Yuasa Motorcycle Batteries


  • Yuasa YBX3000 sealed maintenance free battery
  • Rated for approximately 30000 starts
  • Sealed tip/tilt double lid reduces water loss
  • State of Charge indicator
  • Integrated carry handle and flame arrestor


  • Manufacturer: Yuasa
  • Battery Type Number: YBX3054
  • Battery Type: Sealed Maintenance Free Battery
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Dimensions: 187mm x 127mm x 223mm
  • Capacity Rating: 36Ah
  • Cold-Start Performance CCA (EN): 330A
  • Recommended Charge Rate: 2.0 Amp
  • Weight (filled): 9.0kg
  • Carry Handle: Yes
  • State of Charge Indicator: Yes
  • End Venting: Yes
  • Terminal Layout: Left: - Right: + (With the terminals on the edge nearest to you)

Please check models and size to be sure you have selected the right battery before ordering. If you are unsure please contact our sales team for advice.

Higher Powered Alternatives

Modern cars often require more powerful batteries to power air conditioning stop/start systems sat navs in-car DVD players and phones. The following options are available in the Yuasa range.

Yuasa YBX7054 PFB Stop/Start Plus 12V Car Battery
Designed for stop/start systems rated for around 270000 starts

Replaces The Following Part Numbers

  • ACDelco 2535J
  • Banner 53520
  • Banner P4026
  • BBMS 054
  • BBMS 153
  • BBMS 154
  • Bosch 0092S40180
  • Bosch 0092S40300
  • Bosch 0093A540S1
  • Bosch 018065350K
  • Bosch 4BA
  • Bosch 535020024
  • Bosch 540126033
  • Bosch S4018
  • Centra CA386
  • Centra CB356
  • Daihatsu (OEM) 2880087329000
  • Deta DA386
  • Deta DB356
  • Energizer 535117030
  • Energizer EP35JTP
  • ETN 532028026
  • ETN 535118030
  • ETN 540125033
  • ETN 540126033
  • Exide 53520
  • Exide EB356
  • Fiamm 153FS
  • Fiamm 7903187
  • Fiamm 7905161
  • Fiamm B19J 35
  • Fiamm B19J 38
  • Fiamm B19J38
  • Fulmen 035512-A
  • Fulmen FA386
  • Fulmen FB356
  • Fulmen Z1
  • Global 53520
  • GS SLV054
  • Honda 31500-SAA-E03
  • Honda 31500-TF3-G04
  • JMR NS40ZA
  • JMR NS40ZA(S)
  • JMR NS40ZL
  • JMR NS40ZL(S)
  • JMR SY70-S4L
  • JIS 44B20L
  • JIS 32B20L
  • JIS 34B19L
  • JIS 34B19L(S)
  • JIS 36B20L
  • JIS 36B20L(S)
  • JIS 38B20L
  • JIS 38B20L(S)
  • JIS 40B19L(S)
  • JIS SY70-S4L
  • Kia / Hyundai (OEM) E3710035C0
  • Lucas LP054
  • Lucas LP054H
  • Mazda (OEM) E508-18-520
  • Moll 535020024
  • Nordpower 153521
  • Numax 054
  • Numax 054H
  • Quinton Hazell QBT0543
  • Toyota (OEM) 2880026040
  • Tudor 53520
  • Tudor 54228
  • Tudor TB356
  • UKB - Crompton 054
  • UKB - Oldham 054A
  • UKB - Platinum 054E
  • UKB - Tungstone 054T
  • Varta 535020024
  • Varta 540126033
  • Varta A14
  • Varta HKBA14
  • Yuasa YBX3054

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