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Replacing The Batteries In Your APC RBC Cartridge

2 August 2023  |  Tom

Rather than scrapping your old APC RBC replacement battery cartridge, why not simply replace the batteries inside ?

This is the environmentally friendly solution and saves money too !

MDS sell a wide range of replacement battery kits for APC UPS systems - some are complete cartridges ready to install in your UPS and others are bare battery kits to fit in your existing cartridge.

The latter is the most economical and environmentally friendly solution.

Why scrap a perfectly good cartridge when you can simply replace the batteries inside and not consign even more waste to landfill - and save money too . . .

Replacing the batteries is a fairly straightforward job for anyone with reasonable DIY skills. You'll need to reuse any existing cables and connectors and take great care to replace the new batteries exactly as the old ones came out.

Ideally replace the batteries one at a time, like for like, or if this is not practical take photos of the existing layout before you start.

We are in the process of adding a series of tutorials to show you how to replace the batteries in various APC RBC replacement battery cartridges - so watch this space.


All our kits are assembled using top quality CSB sealed lead acid batteries - the same batteries used by APC themselves in their new equipment and RBC replacement battery cartridges - so you can be sure of getting the exact replacements for your UPS.

We also offer a free battery recycling service for your old UPS batteries - simply send us back your old batteries and we'll do the rest - details in the link below.

MDS battery recycling service


Please note APC and RBC are registered trademarks of American Power Conversion Corporation and we only use them for reference purposes.

MDS Battery Limited are not an authorised APC dealer and our replacement kits are not an original APC product.