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EFB Car Battery Technology

20 November 2017  |  Julius

Modern cars have increasingly high power demands for air conditioning, DVD players, sat navs, stop/start systems and the like. EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology has been developed to offer a cost effective solution delivering improved cyclic capabilities and meeting the requirements of modern stop/start ignition systems.

  • Designed to meet power requirements of modern vehicles
  • EFP technology now factory fitted in many stop/start systems
  • Improved cyclic capability for repetitive discharge uses
  • Greater charge acceptance than standard wet batteries
  • Sealed double lip design and integrated flame arrestor

Yuasa YBX7000 Series EFB car batteries are an enhanced design version of older wet batteries offering far higher dynamic charge acceptance (+170%) and greater cyclic durability (+100%) for vehicles that draw large amounts of power and are regularly discharging their battery, for example a taxi. They're also ideal for stop/start ignition systems, being rated for up to 270,000 starts as opposed to around 30,000-50,000 with a standard wet battery.

Yuasa manufacture 13 different EFB batteries in the YBX7000 range, the most popular models being the YBX7019 and YBX7096

You may also see EFB technology referred to as AFB (Advanced Flooded Battery) or ECM (Enhanced Cycling Mat).