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2 x CSB EVH12390 12V 39Ah Mobility Scooter Batteries

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Part Number:  EVH12390X2

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CSB - China Storage Battery are the world's largest manufacturer of sealed lead acid batteries; their EVH range are designed specifically for cyclic use in mobility scooters, golf trolleys and electric vehicles

Brand:   CSB Battery
Voltage:   12V
Capacity:   39AhHelpAmpHour or Ah measures the capacity of a battery.
In simple terms, the higher the Ah the more energy the battery can store.

If you imagine a bucket of water, the bigger the bucket, the more water it can store.

For example.
A 20Ah battery can normally deliver 1 Amp for 20 hours or 2 Amps for 10 hours. At extremes the performance usually drops, for example it may not deliver 20 Amps for one hour.

1Ah = 1000mAh
Length: 196mm
Width: 130mm
Height: 155mm


These batteries replace the older 33Ah rated U1 size batteries; this new CSB battery is the same size but rated at 39Ah giving around 15-20% more range.

  • EVH high capacity batteries for cyclic use - regular charge/discharge
  • Ideal for mobility scooters, gold trolleys and other electric vehicles
  • High quality battery, sealed, leak proof, maintenance free design
  • Rated for up to 750 charge cycles at 50% discharge rate


  • Manufacturer: CSB
  • Battery Type Number: EVH12390
  • Battery Type: VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity Rating: 39Ah
  • Dimensions: 195mm x 130mm x 155mm
  • Weight: 11.5Kg
  • Terminal: M6 nut and bolt terminal

MDS Battery are the official UK importers of the CSB battery range

Volume buyers please contact our sales team for pricing on 0800 310 2100


MDS offer a free recycling service for sealed lead acid batteries; simply send in your
old batteries for recycling and help the environment - contact us for further details

Suitable for the following part numbers

  • Amigo Mobility FD Front Drive Value Shopper FD Fiesta IV
  • BEC Horizon
  • Braun Corporation T1100 T1200F
  • Bruno PWC2300/2210 Thunder 37
  • Bruno 2300/2310 30/32 44 Police 46
  • Cadmus International Jupiter 3 4
  • Chauffer Mobility Scooter C Series Viva MWD
  • CTM Homecare HS-570
  • CTM Homecare HS-665
  • CTM Homecare HS-665
  • CTM Homecare HS-686
  • CTM Homecare HS-666
  • CTM Homecare HS-730
  • CTM Homecare HS-740
  • CTM Homecare HS-580
  • Damaco ElectroLite Ovation
  • Days Medical DMA Rosso S135 Rioja S145 Strider Midi 3/4
  • Days Medical DMA Shoprider Maxi 4 TE-889A Escape PWR
  • DMA Escape PWR Powerchair
  • DMA Strider Maxi 4
  • DMA Shoprider TE-889A
  • DMA Strider Midi 3
  • DMA Strider Midi 4
  • E F Brewer All models
  • Electric Mobility Rascal 200T
  • Electric Mobility Rascal 325
  • Electric Mobility Rascal 388
  • Electric Mobility Rascal 388XL
  • Electric Mobility Rascal 600F
  • Electric Mobility Rascal 600T
  • Electric Mobility Lil Rascal Rascal MWD Power Scooter Turnabout
  • Electric Mobility Butler Candy Apple Cycle Chair Lil Viva
  • electric mobility Rascal 302LE
  • electric mobility Rascal 309LE
  • EV Technology Scoot
  • Everest & Jennings Metro Power Navigator Quest Sprint II 3N
  • Everest & Jennings Tempest Kid Power Hot Wheels Carette Mobie
  • Everest & Jennings Magnum Marathon Xcaliber Sprint Plus MX Sabre
  • Fortress Scientific 1000FS 755FS Commuter
  • FreeRider Mayfair
  • Freerider Knightsbridge Mayfair Richmond
  • Global Research Starlight
  • Golden Tecnology Atlantic GP201R Regent Bug
  • IMC Hartway Bolero Escape Marage Rumba SHP4
  • Invacare Zoom 400
  • Invacare Cruiser 4E
  • Invacare Cruiser Plus
  • Invacare Apollo Booster Cruiser Dart Flyer
  • Invacare Jaguar Lynx LX3 Mistral Nutron
  • Invacare PantherLX4 Power 900 14 Pronto M6/M7
  • Invacare PTE Runabout Spectra Tri Rolls Tri Scout
  • Invacare Twister X-Terra Zoom 400
  • Karelma Hercules
  • Karma Medical Products KS636/646/747
  • Levo LCM36
  • Lomax Mobility Travla
  • Mangar Ferryman Epic
  • Medicare Mercury M34
  • Medicare Mercury M44
  • Merits Health Care Pioneer 3 Pioneer 4 S132/43 S142/44
  • Merits Health Care MP1IN MP1IA MP1IW MP3U MP3C/F
  • Millbrook Healthcare Osprey
  • Orthofab Lifestyle Wheelchairs
  • Pride Mobility Celebrity
  • Pride Mobility Cyclone
  • Pride Mobility Jazzy 1103
  • Pride Mobility Jet 3
  • Pride Mobility Jet 7
  • Pride Mobility Legend
  • Pride Mobility Rally
  • Pride Mobility Revo 3
  • Pride Mobility Revo 4
  • Pride Mobility Sundancer
  • Pride Mobility Victory 4
  • Pride Mobility Jazzy1103 1113 1143 Min Sundancer
  • Pride Mobility Shuttle Sidekick Boxster Celebity3/4
  • Pride Mobility Dynamo Cyclone Hurricane GLS
  • Pride Mobility Jet 3/7 Laser Legend Pride LX Revo 3/4
  • Quickie Bec P100/190/110/120/500 S525 Targa
  • R J Mobility Jewel
  • Radcliffe Power Shadow 18
  • Remploy Powerrider Indoor
  • Roma Medical Briza Cadiz Malaga Perrero Soveriegn
  • Scootermaster StreetRova
  • Shoprider CADIZ
  • Shoprider Jetstream
  • Shoprider Perez
  • Shoprider PHFW-1018
  • Shoprider PHFW-1020
  • Shoprider PHFW-1118
  • Shoprider PHFW-1120
  • Shoprider Sovereign 4
  • Shoprider Streamer
  • Shoprider Sunrunner 3 Deluxe
  • Shoprider Sunrunner 4 Deluxe
  • Shoprider Sunrunner B3
  • Shoprider Sunrunner B4
  • Shoprider Wizz
  • Shoprider Seville
  • Shoprider Cadiz Jetstream Perez Seville Wizz
  • Shoprider Sunrunner 3/4 /B3/B4/Deluxe Soveriegn Wizz
  • Shoprider PHFW1018/1020/1118/1120 Malaga Perrero
  • Stannah Power Chairs Prima J103 J113
  • Strider MD4P
  • Strider Midi 4 Plus
  • Sungift Sungift 200
  • Sungift Sungift 400
  • Sunrise Medical Sterling Sapphire
  • Sunrise Medical Sterling Emerald
  • Sunrise Medical Emerald Sapphire Star 3/4 Swift Strider
  • Sunrise Medical Avanti 3/4 Breezy F40/F45
  • Theradyne Investigator
  • Vector Mobility Pediatric

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CSB EVH12390 12V 39Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

(inc. VAT) 

CSB EVH12390 12V 39Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

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CSB EVX12340 12V 34Ah Cyclic Lead Acid Battery
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