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Odyssey PC1350 Extreme Racing Starter Battery

Odyssey PC1350 Extreme Racing Starter Battery
MDS Price:  £299.95(£249.96 Exc. VAT)


This item is now discontinued  

This item is now discontinued

Part Number:  PC1350
Voltage:  12v
Capacity:  95Ah
Weight:  27.4Kg
Length:  353mm
Width:  175mm
Height:  190mm

Please note that this battery is available for collection only as we cannot ship by courier due to weight.

Orders can be shipped by pallet service - please call us for details and pricing.


Odyssey PC1350 Battery

Phenomenal Starting Power & Massive Deep Cycle Reserve Power in One Battery!


  • Start up battery with deep cycle reserve
  • Design Life: 8-12 Years (float)
  • Service Life: 3-10 Years
  • Storage Life: 2 Years @ 25’C
  • Tin alloy Coated Brass Terminals
  • Pure Lead Plates

Full Specification

  • Voltage: 12V
  • PHCA (5 sec): 1350(Pulse Current)
  • CCA (EN): 770 (Cold Start Performance)
  • HGA: 1080
  • MCA: 960
  • Nominal Capacity: 95Ah 20 Hr Rate
  • Dimensions: 353mm x 175mm x 190mm
  • Weight: 27.4KG
  • Terminal: SAE

Why choose Odyssey:

Odyssey Extreme Racing batteries are uniquely designed for extreme starting power and will out-perform most other starter batteries on the market. To achieve this they are made using very thin 99.99% pure lead plates which give much more power than traditional batteries that use thicker lead alloy plates or are made using recycled lead.

This design philosophy means that you can use a much smaller battery to start your engine than before or you can use one the same size as before that will give you much better starting performance. It also results in very high voltage retention characteristics which means that the battery will go flat less quickly than a traditional battery. You should however remember that a smaller battery will inevitably have a lower energy storage capacity (Ah) than a larger one but this will not affect the starting performance as long as the PHCA rating on the Odyssey battery that you choose is similar to or higher than the CCA rating on traditional battery that you are replacing.

The Odyssey PHCA rating it is a specific measurement of the peak current that the battery can supply over a five second period and can be compared with the CCA rating on a traditional battery.

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How can I get this battery delivered?

Due to it's weight we cannot send this battery by courier so the options are collection from our North London warehouse or delivery by pallet service.

Please contact our sales department on 0800 310 2100 for pricing and delivery arrangements.