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Yuasa 086 Car Battery YBX3086 with free next day Delivery

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Part Number:  YBX3086

89.95 (inc VAT)

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Brand:   Yuasa
Capacity:   75AhHelpAmpHour or Ah measures the capacity of a battery.
In simple terms, the higher the Ah the more energy the battery can store.

If you imagine a bucket of water, the bigger the bucket, the more water it can store.

For example.
A 20Ah battery can normally deliver 1 Amp for 20 hours or 2 Amps for 10 hours. At extremes the performance usually drops, for example it may not deliver 20 Amps for one hour.

1Ah = 1000mAh
CCA (EN):   650A HelpCCA or Cold Cranking Amps, measures the starting performance of the battery.
In simple terms, the higher the CCA the easier it will start the engine.

There are several standards.

DIN German Industrial Standard at -18C
EN European Standard EN50342.1 at -18C
SAE American Standard at -18C
Weight:   18Kg
Length: 278mm
Width: 175mm
Height: 190mm
Barcode: 5050694029684

3 Year Warranty


  • Yuasa YBX3000 sealed maintenance free battery
  • Rated for approximately 30,000 starts
  • Sealed tip/tilt double lid reduces water loss
  • State of Charge indicator
  • Integrated carry handle and flame arrestor


  • Manufacturer: Yuasa
  • Battery Type Number: YBX3086
  • Battery Type: Sealed Maintenance Free Battery
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Dimensions: 278mm x 175mm x 190mm
  • Capacity Rating: 75Ah
  • Cold-Start Performance CCA (EN): 650A
  • Recommended Charge Rate: 4.0 Amp
  • Weight (filled): 18.0kg
  • Carry Handle: Yes
  • State of Charge Indicator: Yes
  • End Venting: Yes
  • Terminal Layout: Left: + Right: - (With the terminals on the edge nearest to you)

Please check models and size to be sure you have selected the right battery before ordering. If you are unsure please contact our sales team for advice.

Replaces The Following Part Numbers
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  • ACDelco 3072
  • DIN 56633
  • Exide 56636
  • Tudor 56636
  • Banner 57233
  • Lucas 57413
  • Varta 57413
  • Nordpower 157413
  • Alfa Romeo (OEM) 46227870
  • Fiat (OEM) 46227870
  • Lancia (OEM) 46227870
  • Alfa Romeo/Fiat/Lancia (OEM) 51018465
  • Varta 157413310
  • ETN 566033051
  • Bosch 574013068
  • ETN 574013068
  • Varta 574013068
  • Moll 574014068
  • Bosch 0092S40090
  • Bosch 0093S5740D
  • Bosch 018065740D
  • Fulmen 070431A-A
  • BBMS 082
  • BBMS 086
  • UKB - Oldham 086A
  • UKB - Platinum 086E
  • UKB - Tungstone 086T
  • Numax 096R
  • Toyota (OEM) 28800-YZZBB
  • ACDelco 3070V
  • Citroen/Peugeot (OEM) 5600CY
  • Citroen/Peugeot (OEM) 5600X8
  • Tudor 57218S75
  • Bosch 7F
  • Bosch 7FN
  • Tudor A701
  • Delphi BE06630
  • Delphi BE07230
  • Centra CB741
  • Deta DB741
  • Varta E12
  • Exide EA681
  • Exide EB741
  • Fulmen EQUIPAK
  • Fulmen FB741
  • Varta HKBE12
  • Lucas LP096R
  • ACDelco M66H3R
  • Bosch S4009
  • Delphi S68BT
  • GS SLV086
  • Tudor TA681
  • Tudor TB741
  • Tudor TST701
  • Ducellier XL3G65
  • Yuasa YBX3086
  • Fiamm L3X 74P
  • Fiamm 7905186
  • Fiamm 7905155
  • Fiamm L3X70
  • Fiamm L3X74P
  • Fiamm 086FS
  • Quinton Hazell QBT0863
  • Fiamm 7903165
  • Fiamm L3X 70
  • Energizer EP70L3X
  • ETN 570410064

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