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CT-MXS10 CTEK MXS 10 Battery Charger

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Part Number:  CT-MXS10

159.99 (inc VAT)


Brand:   CTEK
Voltage:   12V
Output:   10 AmpsHelpMaximum output current of device.
Barcode: 7350009568180

CTEK Pro Battery Charger MXS10


  • The Multi XS10.0 charges lead-acid batteries with a maximum output of 10A for larger batteries i.e car batteries.

  • Suitable for charging Lead Acid, Wet, Maintenance Free, Gel, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Calcium lead-acid batteries from 20-200Ah.

  • Suitable for maintaining batteries from 20Ah to 300Ah
  • Comes with a temperature sensor, the charge can compensate voltage according to ambient temperature.
  • Eight Step fully automated charging cycle;
      1, Desulphation; uses pulses to restore sulphated batteries
      2, Soft start; Starting mode for charging cycle. To prepare the battery for bulk charging.
      3, Bulk; Main charge until 80% of the charge is complete. Carried out at a constant current.
      4, Absorption; Final part of the charge up to 100%. Carried out at a constant voltage.
      5, Analysis; Checks the self-discharge rate.
      6, Recond; This step is only used to restore deeply discharged batteries.
      7, Maintenance charge Float; Carried out at a constant voltage.
      8, Maintenance charge Pulse; uses pulses when necessary to keep the battery charge at the correct level.

  • Special Programs
      1, Normal 10A / 14.4V.
      2, AGM 10A / 14.7V. Use for charging at low temperatures and for many AM batteries
      Recond 10A / 15.8V. Use to return energy to your empty Wet and Ca/Ca batteries
      Supply 10A / 13.6V. Use the charger as a power supply

  • This charger can be connected for months, without causing any damage to your battery.

  • Comes with two interchangeable connection leads, one with crocodile clips for occasional use, and one with eyelet terminals for permanent connection.

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