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Gateway CS-AC5520HB Acer AS07B31 Replacement Battery

  In Stock
at our suppliers
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Expected despatch date:
Wednesday 11/10/2017

Delivery to UK Mainland

Part Number:  CS-AC5520HB

82.99 (inc VAT)


Brand:   PremierLine
Voltage:   11.1V
Capacity:   8800 mAh HelpAmpHour or Ah measures the capacity of a battery.
In simple terms, the higher the Ah the more energy the battery can store.

If you imagine a bucket of water, the bigger the bucket, the more water it can store.

For example.
A 20Ah battery can normally deliver 1 Amp for 20 hours or 2 Amps for 10 hours. At extremes the performance usually drops, for example it may not deliver 20 Amps for one hour.

1Ah = 1000mAh


  • Quality PremierLine battery
  • High Performance, Long Lasting Battery
  • High Capacity Battery
  • No memory effect
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty

Replacement battery for the following Acer models

  • Aspire 5220G, Aspire 5230, Aspire 5235
  • Aspire 5310, Aspire 5310G, Aspire 5315
  • Aspire 5315G, Aspire 5330, Aspire 5520
  • Aspire 5520G, Aspire 5530, Aspire 5530G
  • Aspire 5535, Aspire 5710, Aspire 5710G
  • Aspire 5710Z, Aspire 5710ZG, Aspire 5715
  • Aspire 5715Z, Aspire 5720, Aspire 5720G
  • Aspire 5720Z, Aspire 5720ZG, Aspire 5730
  • Aspire 5730Z, Aspire 5730ZG, Aspire 5735
  • Aspire 5735Z, Aspire 5739, Aspire 5910
  • Aspire 5910G, Aspire 5920, Aspire 5920G
  • Aspire 6920, Aspire 6920G, Aspire 7320
  • Aspire 7320G, Aspire 7520, Aspire 7520G
  • Aspire 7520Z, Aspire 7520ZG, Aspire 7720
  • Aspire 7720G, Aspire 7720Z, Aspire 7720ZG
  • Aspire 8920, Aspire 8920G, Aspire 8920GM

Replaces battery part numbers

  • 1010872903
  • 3UR18650Y-2-CPL-ICL50
  • 934T2180F
  • AS07B31
  • AS07B32
  • AS07B41
  • AS07B42
  • AS07B51
  • AS07B52
  • AS07B71
  • AS07B72
  • AS07BX1
  • AS07BX2
  • BT.00603.033
  • BT.00604.018
  • BT.00605.015
  • BT.00607.010
  • BT.00803.024
  • BT.00804.020
  • BT.00804.024
  • BT.00805.011
  • BT.00807.014
  • BTP-AS5520G
  • ICK70
  • ICL50
  • ICW50
  • ICY70
  • JDW50
  • LC.BTP00.007
  • LC.BTP00.008
  • MS2221
  • ZD1

This CS-AC5520HB battery also fits the following:
Make Model Make Model
ACER Aspire 5520G ACER Aspire 5530G
ACER Aspire 5715Z ACER Aspire 5730
ACER Aspire 6920 ACER Aspire 6920G-832G25Bn
ACER Aspire 6920G-934G32Bn ACER Aspire 8920G-6A4G32Bn
ACER Aspire AS6920-6973 GATEWAY MD7801U

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