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KAWASAKI 12N5.5-4A H2 Series 750cc 72-75

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Part Number:  12N5.5-4A

£28.95 (inc VAT)


Brand:   Yuasa
Voltage:   12V
Capacity:   5.5AhHelpAmpHour or Ah measures the capacity of a battery.
In simple terms, the higher the Ah the more energy the battery can store.

If you imagine a bucket of water, the bigger the bucket, the more water it can store.

For example.
A 20Ah battery can normally deliver 1 Amp for 20 hours or 2 Amps for 10 hours. At extremes the performance usually drops, for example it may not deliver 20 Amps for one hour.

1Ah = 1000mAh
CCA (EN):   55A HelpCCA or Cold Cranking Amps, measures the starting performance of the battery.
In simple terms, the higher the CCA the easier it will start the engine.

There are several standards.

DIN German Industrial Standard at -18°C
EN European Standard EN50342.1 at -18°C
SAE American Standard at -18°C
Length: 135mm
Width: 60mm
Height: 130mm

Yuasa 12N5.5-4A Motorcycle Battery


  • Battery type: Dry charged battery
  • Filling kit included: No
  • Electrolyte required: 38% Sulphuric Acid, specific gravity 1.28kg/litre
  • Electrolyte volume: 0.4 Litres
  • Dimensions: 135mm x 60mm x 130mm
  • Capacity rating: 5.5Ah
  • Cold-start performance: 60EN
  • Maximum charging rate: 1 Amp
  • Weight (filled): 2.5kg
  • Vent position: Left side (With the terminals on the edge nearest to you)
  • Terminal layout: Left: + Right: - (With the terminals on the edge nearest to you)

Replacement battery for the following motorcycles

  • Benelli 125 Custom Guzzi
  • Cagiva Aletta Oro Kick Starter, Elefant SST WSXT
  • Cagiva SST, WSXT(Aletta Rossa), T4 Ala Rossa, Roadster
  • Kawasaki KH250-A, F4 Series, H2 Series,
  • Kawasaki S1 Series, S2 Series, S3 Series
  • And more

Please note that before you can use this battery it will need to be filled with battery acid (NOT distilled water). This is not included with the battery and needs to be ordered separately.

You can add a suitable quantity of battery acid to your order using the links below. The amount of acid you need to order is shown above as “Electrolyte Volume”.

1/2 litre bottle of battery fluid
1 litre bottle of battery fluid

Please read the following notes before ordering:
  • If you order this battery without the acid to go with it we will not be able to guarantee the battery. This is because we are unable to verify the specification or quality of the acid that you use to fill it and it would not be possible for us to confirm that a subsequent battery problem had been caused by a fault in the battery.

  • For personal callers we also offer a battery filling service at our shop in Enfield, North London, where you can buy the battery and have it filled with acid FREE while you wait.

  • Please note that shipping battery acid by air or sea freight is prohibited so we can only accept orders for these products for delivery to certain areas. In general these are mainland addresses in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Holland, Luxembourg, Austria and Greece. If you are unsure if your delivery address will be accepted please contact us before ordering.

This 12N5.5-4A battery also fits the following KAWASAKI models:
Model Model
S3 Series 400cc 74-75 S2 Series 350cc 72-73
S1 Series 250cc 73-75 KZ400C S 400cc 75-
KZ400-aS 400cc 75-77 KH400A 400cc 76-78
KH250 A 250cc 76-77 H2 Series 750cc 72-75
F4 Series 250cc 69-70 400 KH400-A 400cc 76-78

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