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Sterling Power Marine Chargers ProCharge Ultra

cut away of Yuasa YTX9-BS

Written by Mike Field

Sterling Power are a leading manufacturer of innovative marine power solutions and the ProCharge Ultra battery charger is a firm favourite of ours here at MDS - read our full review and installation guide to find out why.

For most users this will be a fit and forget solution. You fix it securely to the wall or bulkhead, wire up both mains electricity input and output cables for up to three batteries or banks of batteries, and the job is done.

The charger can be configured to charge different types of batteries such as wet, AGM, GEL and others including your own custom mode.

Other features of the ProCharge Ultra PCU1240 that we like include:

  • LED Voltage and Current displays
  • Clear and easy to understand manual
  • Automatic variable speed fan. Keeps noise to a minimum
  • All cables have cable clamps for additional strength
  • 90-270v 40-70hz input means it can cope easily with low mains voltages or 110v inputs
  • Remote control panel option

The first thing that you notice with these chargers is how solid and well made they are, they feel like a really nice quality item that you would be proud to fit to your boat.

The front is made from a very strong and hard plastic, and this is mounted onto a rustproof metal backplate. The cables as you can see from the pictures are extremely well restrained and the battery cables will need to be terminated with M6 crimps.

Once fired up the thing lights up like the proverbial Christmas tree, the fan then whirrs into life, as the unit performs a self test. Once done the fan noise disappears and the unit starts to charge / monitor the batteries.

You can watch the two green LED displays showing the voltage and current changing, or just leave it to get on with the job in hand.

There is an optional remote panel that also relays this information to a dashboard if you wish, and includes information from the supplied battery temperature monitor, which the charger can use to further improve the charging regime.

Additional Notes:

  • All ProCharge Ultra chargers have three outputs except the PCU1210 12v 10Ah
    version which only has two outputs
  • Meets CE standards including EN61000-3-2 EN61000-3-3 EN655014-1 EN55014-2 EN60335-2-29
  • Unit has PFC (Power Correction Factor) and is therefore extremely efficient

Replacing a Newmar PT-40CE Charger

We also noted how the PCU1230 and PCU1240 in particular can be used to replace the Newmar PT-40CE charger when it fails, as it has a similar footprint.

We have seen quite a few of these in older Sealine models like the S34, F33 and S38 in particular. For advice on replacing an old Newmar charger please contact our expert sales team.

Model Output Price
PCU1210 12v 10A two outputs 208.95 (inc. vat)
PCU1220 12v 20A three outputs 264.95 (inc. vat)
PCU1230 12v 30A three outputs 304.95 (inc. vat)
PCU1240 12v 40A three outputs 345.95 (inc. vat)
PCU1250 12v 50A three outputs 427.95 (inc. vat)
PCU1260 12v 60A three outputs 498.95 (inc. vat)
PCU2420 24v 20A three outputs 396.95 (inc. vat)
PCU2430 24v 30A three outputs 529.95 (inc. vat)

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