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How to Buy Motorcycle Batteries

Buying a motorcycle battery isn't as difficult as you may think, however, there is a potential to buy the wrong battery if you donít get some guidance. At MDS, however, we try and make the process as simple as possible. We understand that there are essentially two ways to buy batteries, and as such, we make sure make it as easy to buy replacement batteries as simple as possible.

Firstly you can simply find the model number of the battery you have and place it in the search box at the top left-hand corner of every page and then click submit and you should be met with a list of possible Yuasa motorcycle batteries. One thing we do note is that people read the model number and use them in different formats, with spaces instead of dashes and the like. Because of this we offer a second option.

You can also navigate to our replacement motorcycle batteries where you will be met with a list of motorcycle manufacturers that we offer replacement batteries for. Simply select the manufacturer of the motorcycle that you're looking for a replacement battery for - such as BMW, Suzuki and Yamaha.

At this point you can select the model of the motorcycle, such as in the case of Yamaha a YZF-R1. Sometimes we'll show a date range as many models changed over time and itís crucial that you make sure that you know the date your motorcycle was manufactured in these cases. An example is the Yamaha Cy50 Riva Jog 50cc 92-01. At this stage you should have the correct battery, but please do double check all the information to double-check.

If you get stuck then just call 0800 310 2100 Monday-Friday 9am-5.30pm as we're here to help you as much as we can.

We only deal in the finest replacement motorcycle batteries which offer a long-life and have suitable starting power - even in cold weather. That is why we stock Yuasa motorcycle batteries.

Tips and Advice

If you leave your motorcycle standing in the garage over the winter months, the lack of activity and the climate may degrade your battery and seeing as batteries are the leading cause of motorcycle problems; it would be a good idea to maintain your battery properly during non-use. This would include wiping down and keeping the connections free of dirt. In the open air start up your motorbike and check how bright the lights are, if they're dim then it may be a good idea to order a replacement motorcycle battery in preparation for the warmer weather, or buy yourself a motorcycle battery charger to top it up. Not forgetting your motorcycle battery during these periods of inactivity will greatly improve the life and performance of your battery.

Conventional motorcycle batteries are a different matter, however as you'll have to get your protective gloves, eyewear and suitable clothing on and check for corrosion and sediment - and making sure you're in a well-ventilated environment. Then you will have to check the voltage and its general condition.

We also recommend that if you do store your battery during winter that you do so somewhere not too cold as they can freeze and crack. What's more keeping them on a concrete and metal surface isn't advisable as these materials are conductive and accelerate discharge.

Yuasa YBX7335 EFB 12V Car Battery

(inc. VAT)

Yuasa YBX3086 12V 75Ah 086 Size Car Battery

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Yuasa YBX3113 113 Size 12V 50Ah Car Battery

(inc. VAT)

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