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Sterling Power Marine Battery Chargers

Sterling Power Marine Chargers are one of our new favourites, there are so many design features we like, it is hard to know where to start.

For most users this will be a fit and forget solution, you fix it securely to the wall or bulkhead, wire up both mains electricity input, then output cables for up to three batteries or banks of batteries, and the job is done.

The charger can be configured to charge different types of batteries such as wet, AGM, GEL, and others including your own custom mode.

Model Output Price
PCU1210 12v 10A two outputs 208.95 (inc. vat)
PCU1220 12v 20A three outputs 264.95 (inc. vat)
PCU1230 12v 30A three outputs 304.95 (inc. vat)
PCU1240 12v 40A three outputs 345.95 (inc. vat)
PCU1250 12v 50A three outputs 427.95 (inc. vat)
PCU1260 12v 60A three outputs 498.95 (inc. vat)
PCU2420 24v 20A three outputs 396.95 (inc. vat)
PCU2430 24v 30A three outputs 529.95 (inc. vat)

Read our review of the Pro Charge Ultra

Sterling Power 12V 10A Pro Charge Ultra Charger (SP-PCU1210)
12v 10A
Brand Sterling

Sterling Power 12V 20A Pro Charge Ultra Charger (SP-PCU1220)
12v 20A
Brand Sterling

Sterling Power Pro Charge Ultra 12V 30A Charger (SP-PCU1230)
12v 30A
Brand Sterling

Sterling Power 12V 40A Pro Charge Ultra Charger (SP-PCU1240)
12v 40A
Brand Sterling

Sterling Power Pro Charge Ultra 12V 50A Charger (SP-PCU1250)
12v 50A
Brand Sterling

Sterling Power 12V 60A Pro Charge Ultra Charger (SP-PCU1260)
12v 60A
Brand Sterling

Sterling Power Pro Charge Ultra 24V 20A Charger (SP-PCU2420)
24v 20A
Brand Sterling

Sterling Power Pro Charge Ultra 24V 30A Charger (SP-PCU2430)
24v 30A
Brand Sterling

Sterling Power Remote Panel For ProCharge Ultra (SP-PCUR)
Brand Sterling

CTEK M45 Marine Battery Charger
12v 3.6A
Brand CTEK

CTEK M100 Marine Battery Charger
12v 7A
Brand CTEK

CTEK M200 Marine Battery Charger
12v 15A
Brand CTEK

Sterling Power 12V 60A Battery to Battery Charger BB1260
Brand Sterling

Sterling Power 12V 30A Battery to Battery Charger BB1230
Brand Sterling

Eltrim Controller Repair
Brand Eltrim Repair

250mm Battery Cable 25mm2 M8 Ring

(inc. VAT)
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