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Odyssey Extreme Racing Battery and Odyssey PC series are now one product line.

The Odyssey Extreme racing battery is perfect for the full range of racing applications. The robust design protects against vibration damage that can destroy other batteries.

They are lightweight and compact, and with a non-spillable design they can be mounted on their side.

Extreme Racing batteries have 70% longer cycle life compared to conventional deep cycle batteries, and hold a high stable voltage for longer periods of time.

They have a longer service life of 3-10 years against the conventional batteries 1-5 years, to save time and money.

These batteries are vibration resistant, and have 60% more starting power than other batteries, with a deep discharge reserve power.

Odyssey batteries have a 2 year storage life and an 8-12 year design life.

Odyssey PC310 Extreme Racing 8
L:138mm W:86mm H:101mm
12v 8Ah 310A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

Odyssey PC370 Extreme Racing 15
L:200mm W:77mm H:140mm
12v 15Ah 370A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

PC535 Odyssey Extreme Racing 18
L:170mm W:99mm H:158mm
12v 14Ah 535A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

Odyssey PC545 Extreme Racing 20
L:178mm W:86mm H:131mm
12v 13Ah 545A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

Odyssey PC625 Extreme Racing 22
L:170mm W:99mm H:177mm
12v 18Ah 625A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

Odyssey PC680 Extreme Racing 25
L:185mm W:79mm H:173mm
12v 16Ah 680A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

Odyssey PC925 Extreme Racing 35
L:169mm W:179mm H:148mm
12v 28Ah 925A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

PC925L Odyssey Racing Battery
L:169mm W:179mm H:148mm
12v 28Ah 925A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

Odyssey PC950 Extreme Racing 30
L:250mm W:97mm H:156mm
12v 34Ah 950A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

Odyssey PC1100 Extreme Racing 40
L:250mm W:97mm H:206mm
12v 45Ah 1100A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

Odyssey PC1200
L:200mm W:169mm H:193mm
12v 42Ah 1200A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

PC1220 Odyssey Battery
L:278mm W:175mm H:190mm
12v 70Ah 1220A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

PC1230 Odyssey Starter Battery
L:240mm W:180mm H:201mm
12v 55Ah 1230A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

PC1350 Odyssey Battery
L:353mm W:175mm H:190mm
12v 95Ah 1350A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

Odyssey PC1400-25 Battery
L:240mm W:173mm H:221mm
12v 65Ah 1400A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

Odyssey PC1400-35 Battery
L:240mm W:174mm H:221mm
12v 65Ah 1400A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

34/78-PC1500 Odyssey Battery
L:276mm W:172mm H:199mm
12v 68Ah 1500A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

PC1700 Odyssey Battery
L:331mm W:168mm H:182mm
12v 68Ah 1700A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

Odyssey PC1750 Battery
L:300mm W:183mm H:189mm
12v 74Ah 1750A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

PC1800 Odyssey Battery
L:580mm W:125mm H:317mm
12v 214Ah 1800A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

PC2150 Odyssey Battery
L:331mm W:175mm H:244mm
12v 100Ah 2150A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

Odyssey PC2250 Battery
L:286mm W:269mm H:233mm
12v 126Ah 2250A (SAE)
Brand Odyssey

M6 Terminal Adapters 3217-0006
Brand Odyssey

Odyssey PC950 Extreme Racing 30

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