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Aprilia Motorcycle Batteries

Use the Green drop down box, select model of your Aprilia motorbike to find a replacement battery

The Aprilia name is well known for racing in both on and off road series. Probably best known for their RS125 and Tuono that did so well in the FIM championships for a number of years, they also produce road going sports bikes and naked street bikes such as the RSV Mille and the Tuono. The recently launched RSV4 seems to be causing quite a stir in the world of production sport bikes!!

All our motorcycle batteries come with a one year warranty. We pride ourselves in having every model of Yuasa motorbike battery in stock.

Order by 4.30pm during the week for same day shipping. Orders placed over the weekend will be sent out on Monday.

Need help? Just give us a call on 0800 310 2100 Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm

Please select a model from the following dropdown or browse through the listing below:

Model 1 - 120 of 277
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125 STX
125 Tuareg
200 STX
250 ETX
AF 1-125
AF 1-50
AF1 125 Replica
AF-1 Futura Europa 125cc -94
AF-1 Futura Europa 50cc 87-94
AF-1 Project 108 Replica 125cc -94
AF-1 Sintesi Sport Pro 125cc -94
AFI 125 Futura
AFI 125 Replica
Amico GL LK LX and Sport 50cc 92-97
Area 51 50cc 00-
Area 51 Sonic AC LC
AS 125 R RX 125cc K-Start ST
AS R 125cc
Atlantic 125cc
Atlantic 200cc
Atlantic 250cc
Atlantic 300cc 12-
Atlantic 400cc
Atlantic 500
Atlantic 500cc 03-05
Atlantic 500cc 06-
Caponord 1200cc 13-
Classic 125
Classic 50 50cc -97
Classic 50 SR50 LC Netscaper
Dorsoduro 1200 ABS 1200cc 13-
Dorsoduro 750cc
Dorsoduro 750cc ABS
Dorsoduro 750cc USA
DR125 SZ
Enduro 450cc
Enduro 550cc
ET LC SR Stealth SR Urban/Viper
ETV 1000 Caponord
ETV Caponord 1000cc 02-03
ETX 125 E-Start
ETX 125 K-Start
ETX 250 E-Start
ETX 250 K-Start / STX 200
ETX 350
ETX 350 E-start
ETX 600 E-Start
ETX 600 K-Start
ETX 650 E-Start
ETX 650 K-Start
ETX E-Start
ETX E-Starter 125cc
ETX E-Starter 250cc
ETX E-Starter 350cc
ETX E-Starter 600cc
ETX E-Starter 650cc
ETX Kick Starter 125cc
ETX Kick Starter 600cc
ETX Kick-Starter 250cc
ETX Kick-Starter 350cc
ETX Kick-Starter 650cc
ETX K-Start
Europa 50 Red Rose 50
Gulliver 50
Gulliver AC LC 50cc -97
H2O 50cc 00-
H2O Pegaso
Habana 125
Habana 50
Habana Custom 50cc 99-
Habana Custome 125cc
LC 50cc
Leonardo 125
Leonardo 125cc 96-01
Leonardo 150
Leonardo 150cc 99-02
Leonardo 250
Leonardo 300cc
Leonardo ST SP 250cc 99-
MANA 800cc
MANA 850cc
MANA ABS 850cc
MANA CND 850cc
MANA USA 850cc
Mc Gulliver 50cc 00-
Mille 1000 RSV
Mojito 125cc
Mojito 150cc
MOJITO 25 KM H FL 50cc
Mojito 50cc
Mojito FL 125cc
Mojito FL 50cc
Motard 450cc
Motard 550cc
Moto 6.5
Moto 6.5 650cc 95-99
MX125 125cc
MX50 50cc
MXV 450cc
Pegaso 125
Pegaso 125cc -95
Pegaso 50cc 00-
Pegaso 600
Pegaso 600cc 88-94
Pegaso 650
Pegaso 650cc 92-03
Pegaso IE 650cc 97-02
Pegaso Strada 650cc 05-
Rally 125 RX125 S 125 ST 125 E-Start
Rally 50
Rally 50cc 04-05
Rally AC LC 50cc -97
Rambla 125cc 08
Rambla 250cc
Red Rose 125
Red Rose Classic 125cc -97
Model 1 - 120 of 277
1 | 2 | 3 | Next>

Yuasa YBX7335 EFB 12V Car Battery

(inc. VAT)

Yuasa YBX3086 12V 75Ah 086 Size Car Battery

(inc. VAT)

Yuasa YBX3113 113 Size 12V 50Ah Car Battery

(inc. VAT)

Yuasa YBX3057 057 Type 12V 45Ah Car Battery

(inc. VAT)

Yuasa YBX7027 EFB Car Battery

(inc. VAT)
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