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How should I store my motorcycle battery over winter?

cut away of Yuasa YTX9-BS

For seasonal riders we recommend keeping the battery attached to a maintenance battery charger when the motorcycle is not in use. The CTEK range would be perfect for this.

Motorcycle batteries slowly self discharge, and if the bike has an alarm, this will happen even faster. If the bike has been left throughout winter, the battery will have lost all, or most of its charge by the time spring comes around. Unfortunately leaving the battery in a discharged state will ruin the battery. A lot of people find themselves buying a new battery every year for this reason. This can be easily prevented by using a maintenance charger.

We recommend the CTEK range; these have been used by our staff, and hundreds of customers, without any problems for years. These chargers are very simple and straight forward to use. You can just connect them up to a battery and leave them all through winter; or as long as the bike is not in use, this will not cause any damage to your battery, it will just monitor and keep the battery in top condition until youíre ready to use the bike again. These chargers can be left permanently connected for months on end without over charging or over heating your battery.

If your bike isnít stored near mains power, we recommend charging the battery at least once a month to keep it fully charged throughout the winter months. If you have alarms draining power from the battery, you may need to charge the battery more often. Or if your bike is in a secure location, you may want to consider taking the battery off the bike.

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CSB GPL12260 12V 26Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

CSB GP12170 12V 17Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

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