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Tom Tom Replacement Batteries

TomTom are Europe's leading manufacturer of Portable Navigation Devices (PND's) with a wide range of touch-screen devices ranging from from the entry-level "One" series, though the mid-range "One XL" series with larger screens and the motorcycle oriented "Rider" models, all the way to the range-topping "Go" series that feature bluetooth connectivity, remote control, voice activation and most recently GSM connectivity for live traffic and weather reports among other things.

At MDS we stock the full range of replacement Lithium-Ion batteries for the entire TomTom range but it is not always easy to identify which exact model you have as there are often very few details on the outside of these units to identify which version it is.

In order to make the battery selection process easier you will find below a gallery of all the TomTom models that are have been available over the years and if you click on the image that exactly matches the appearance of your TomTom then you will be offered the correct battery for your unit. However we also show separately below a full list of all the separate models and there is further information on the page for each battery product to assist you further.




Go Live


Please select a model from the following dropdown or browse through the listing below:

Model 1 - 70 of 70
Go 1000
Go 1000 Live
Go 1005
Go 300
Go 500
Go 510
Go 520
Go 530
Go 540
Go 550
Go 550 Live
Go 700
Go 7000
Go 7000 HD
Go 710
Go 720
Go 730
Go 740
Go 750
Go 820
Go 825
Go 910
Go 920
Go 930
Go 940
Go 950
Go Classic
Go Live 820
Go Live 825
One IQ
One V4
One V4 Assist
One V4 Classic
One V4 Traffic
One XL, version 1
One XL, version 2
One XL, Version 3
One, version 1
One, version 2
One, version 3
One, version 4
Rider, version 1
Rider, version 2
Rider, Version 3
Star 20
Star 25
Start 2
Start 60
Start 60 EU
Start 60 M
Urban Rider
Urban Rider Pro
Via 120
Via 125
Via Live
Via Live 120
Via Live 125
Via Live Euro
Via Live Regional
XL Holiday
XL Live
XL LIVE TTS 4EL0.017.01
XL2 V4
XXL IQ Routes
Model 1 - 70 of 70

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