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Piaggio Scooter Batteries

Use the Green drop down box, select the model of your Vespa to find a replacement battery

The Piaggio Vespa is a design icon that is known world wide but Piaggio have not been lazy and have moved with the times. The new designs such as the NRG and DNA models appeal to a whole new generation!

We have Yuasa batteries in stock for more than 150 different Piaggio models but if you can't find what you need, give us a call on 0800 310 2100 Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm

All our motorcycle batteries come with a one year warranty. We carry a huge stock and have every type of Yuasa motorcycle battery in stock.

Order by 4.30pm during the week for same day shipping. Orders placed over the weekend will be sent out on Monday.

Please select a model from the following dropdown or browse through the listing below:

Model 1 - 120 of 456
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125 TG 1
125 XR1 XR2 Cobra Cosa 125 CL X
125 XR1 XR2 E-Start
125 XR1 XR2 K-Start Fast Bike 125
350 Dakota
350 Dakota Ape MP Dakota 350 K-Start
50 Bullet Mix
50 Bullet Mix 503 Sioux 50
Ape 50 FL
Ape Car MP MPR P602
Arizona 200 E-Start
Arizona 200 E-Start Cosa 200
Arizona 200 K-Start
Arizona 200 K-Start Fast Bike 200
Arizona Rally 250
BEVERLY 125 EUR 125cc
Beverly 125 GT 4T 100cc
Beverly 125 GT 4T 125cc
Beverly 125 Tourer Euro 3 125cc
BEVERLY 125 UK 125cc
Beverly 125cc 00-
Beverly 13-
Beverly 200 200cc 07-
Beverly 200cc
Beverly 250 250cc
Beverly 250 Cruiser Euro 3 250cc
Beverly 250 Euro 3 MIC 2007 250cc
Beverly 250 Tourer Euro 3 250cc
Beverly 400 Euro3 400cc
Beverly 400 ie Euro 3 400cc
Beverly 400 ie Tourer Euro 3 400cc
Beverly 500 Cruiser Euro 3 500cc
Beverly 500 Cruiser Euro 3 502cc
Beverly 500 Euro 3 500cc
Beverly Cruiser Euro3 500cc
Beverly Cruiser Tourer 250cc
Beverly ie Tourer 400cc
Beverly RST Euro3 250cc
Beverly Sport Euro 3 125cc
Beverly Sports Touring 13-
BV500 08-12
CAR 350
Carnaby 124 4T 125cc
Carnaby 200 4T Euro 3 2007-08 200cc
Carnaby 250 4T ie Euro 3 250cc
Carnaby 4T 200cc
Carnaby 4T ie 250cc
Cobra Diesis NTTRC Scatto TopRally 50
Cobra Top Rally 600
Cosa 125
Cosa 150
Cosa 200 Cosa 200 FL
Cosa 200cc -96
Cosa CL FL X 125cc -95
Cosa CL X 150cc
Cosa FL125
Dakota 350 E-Start
Dakota 500 E-Start
Dakota 500 K-Start
Diesis 100cc 07-
Diesis 50cc
D-M.B.NRG 2T H20 POW. 50cc
DNA 125 125cc
DNA 125 4T 125cc
DNA 180 180cc
DNA 180 4T 180cc
DNA 50cc
Easy Moving 50cc
ER 350 E-Start
EX 150
Excutive 125cc 00-
Excutive 150cc
Fly 09-12
Fly 125cc
Fly 150 09-12
Fly 150 150cc
FLY 150 4T USA 150cc
Fly 2T 13-
Fly 4T 50cc
Fly 50cc
Free 100 4T 100cc
Free 50 Poste 50cc
Free 50cc
Free FD 50cc 94-99
Free FL 25cc 94-98
Free Free FL Zip 25
Free PTT 50cc
Freestyle 125 E-Start
Fuoco 500cc 10-12
Fuoco 500cc 500cc
GPR 50 50cc
Granturismo 125cc
Granturismo L 200cc
GSA 50 E-Start
GTS250 250cc 10
GTS300 10-12
GTS300 300cc 10
GTV250 250cc 10
Hexagon 125cc
Hexagon 150
Hexagon 150cc 95-97
Hexagon 250cc 98
Hexagon 250cc 99
Hexagon 4T 125cc
Hexagon 4T 180cc
Hexagon GT 250cc 00-
Hexagon GTX 125cc
Hexagon Hexagon LX RST 125cc -99
Hexagon LX4 125cc 00-
Hexagon LXT 180cc 00-
Hexagon LXT 180cc -99
Hexagon RST Liberty Skipper LX 125
Model 1 - 120 of 456
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Next>

Yuasa YBX7335 EFB 12V Car Battery

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Yuasa YBX3086 12V Car Battery

(inc. VAT)

Yuasa YBX3113 12V Car Battery

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Yuasa YBX3057 12V Car Battery

(inc. VAT)

Yuasa YBX7027 EFB Car Battery

(inc. VAT)
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