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Commercial Vehicle Battery Chargers

Seeing as we stock three types of CTEK Commercial Vehicle Battery Chargers here’s a quick guide to features of each:

CTEK Multi XS 25000 – this is a powerful charger for 12v batteries that require rapid charging such as commercial vehicles as well as boats and workshops. It has a range of built-in functions including temperature testing and is recommended for use with any type of lead acidy battery [also: see Exegon lead acid battery chargers] up to 500Ah including the gel and AGM types.

If you have a partially sulphated battery it can often be revived by the “pulsing” feature of this CTEK charger. For further information, please see the relevant datasheet (pdf).

We also stock the CTECK Multi XT 4000 which is a 24v fully automatic switch mode battery charger, as well as a conditioner and is suitable for uses on school buses, boats, plants machinery and HGVs. It will charge batteries up to 100Ah and will condition batteries up to 250Ah. It has a ‘plug n play’ operation for easy use and can be connected for months so it’s a good for seasonal vehicles. Please see the datasheet (pdf) for more information.

And lastly we have the CTEK Multi XT 14000 which can give a maximum output of 14A and is suitable for batteries from 28ah to 300Ah and can maintain batteries from 28Ah to 500Ah. It is approved for outdoor use (IP44) and can charge well at temperatures ranging from -20C to +50c because of its temperature sensor capability. Please see the datasheet (pdf) for more information.

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CSB GPL12260 12V 26Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

CSB GP12170 12V 17Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

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