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Toshiba Company Information.

Toshiba is an international conglomerate formed in 1939 when two manufacturing companies, Tanaka Seizosho and Hakunetsusha merged. Toshiba is based in Tokyo, Japan and manufactures a range of consumer electronics products as well as a range of semi-conductors.

Toshiba has had an interesting history with scandal relating to the alleged supply of machinery to the Soviet Union during the cold war. However, they are most well known for being industrial and electronic engineers with being the first company in Japan to produce radar in 1942m the TAC digital computer in 1954, the transistor television and microwave oven in 1959 and the laptop personal computer (which we supply replacement Toshiba batteries for).

Toshiba is quick to protect its brand and in 2004 it stopped making traditional CRT Televisions and switched its manufacture to the Orion brand. Toshiba also stopped production of plasma TVs in 2006 and is now focused on manufacturing SED TVs.

Toshiba Laptops

The Toshiba Satellite is one of the most popular models of Toshiba Laptop and there are hundreds of battery options for the Satellite, and we offer all of them here, and here. Toshiba also do a high-spec Satellite Pro laptop which is designed at the performance end of the market. If you did need a replacement or spare Satellite Pro laptop battery then we do have a variety in stock here.

The Toshiba Tecra is a notebook computer aimed at the business user which began production in 2005.Current models include the M9 and A10. If you own a Tecra laptop and need a new battery then we have a selection of Toshiba Tecra replacement batteries in stock and ready to dispatch.

The Toshiba Portege is their highest-spec laptop and we sell many of these as people prefer to replace the battery rather than buy a new laptop completely as new battery for a Toshiba Protégé would generally cost less than £100, whilst a new laptop in that range would cost over £1000.

Repairing and fitting a Replacement Toshiba Laptop Battery

You can repair or fit a new replacement Toshiba laptop battery and some help can be found here1

Toshiba Computer Clock (CMOS) Batteries

It’s not only the main power battery that may "go" in a Toshiba laptop. Sometimes you may simply need a new Toshiba CMOS battery. These batteries keep the core of the computer running when there is no electricity supply from the main battery. Without it the main settings of the laptop will be wiped.

Toshiba Laptop Mains Adapters

We've currently got 1932 laptop mains adapters suitable for Toshiba laptops! So here's a quick list of the most popular brands of laptop and suitable adapters:

Toshiba Digital Camera Batteries

Thankfully there are fewer models of Toshiba digital cameras, and consequently it should be much easier to find a replacement battery for it.

Replacement Toshiba PDA Batteries

If you've got all of your important data stored on your PDA and don't want to risk losing any by transferring it to a new device, you could simply replace its battery. We've got a good selection of replacement Toshiba PDA batteries that cover the majority of the models available.

Toshiba Notebook Car Chargers

It’s crucial in today's world that we can always keep on top of our emails whilst we're out on the move. If you don't have a PDA with email download capabilities or a new generation iPod then it may be wise to have a notebook car charger for your Toshiba laptop.

Notes: 1. We cannot be held responsible for the information contained on external websites.


Toshiba Official Site
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